​An interest became a hobby, a hobby into a passion, a passion into a studio.

My name is Quincy Pringle, and I've been making games for over a decade. I've been blessed with the opportunity to make games for a living, hence Chimera Labs: a self-driven studio unfettered by committee or consensus. For me, making a game is an intimately personal affair, and I strive to infuse each and every game I make with the same love and passion that pushes me forward in my craft and everyday life.

Regardless of your interest in games, I invite each and every one of you to explore my creations, and I encourage everyone to look back at their own passions and do what makes them happy. 

concept artwork by kelly kirsch



Super Coffee 'n Donuts

Released - 2018

It’s Sunday morning – peaceful, relaxed, and calm, right? Wrong! Your local parish has been besieged by the unspeakable evil that is mild hunger and thirst.

The parishioners want just one thing… well, maybe two things. And since your mom “volunteered” you to help out, you’re the only thing standing in their way.

Developed in conjunction with Life Teen Inc., Super Coffee 'n Donuts is a fast-paced arcade experience.



Kelly's Chicken Coop Caper

Released - 2018

Kelly's Chicken Coop Caper is a short puzzle romp through the countryside of Pennsylvania, where a group of rowdy fowl have escaped from their coop. It's up to you to safely place the chickens in their nests to restore peace and balance to the Quaker State.


OTHER: Her Loving Embrace

In Development - 2017 

OTHER is a role-playing game with a unique twist - while the combat structure is turn based, you directly control your characters on a side-scrolling area. Uncover the secrets of a secluded town besieged by the supernatural in this thrilling RPG adventure.

Super Pretentious

Underground Dungeon

In Development - 2014

SPUD is a fantasy run-and-gun adventure. As a mysterious armored wizard, you have access to a wide arsenal of magical attacks and abilities. Explore towns, tackle huge bosses, replay old stages to find secrets, purchase new spells, and meet a wide cast of characters as you journey through a world on the brink of disaster.

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